A Brief Review Of The New Amazon Kindle E-Reader

The new Amazon Kindle E-Reader is a treat for many book lovers who are getting accustomed to the culture of e-book reading as the trend further develops and progresses. Weighing less than 6 ounces – the device is lighter than a paperback and fits in your pocket easily. Here is our review of the exciting, new Amazon Kindle 4.

Design And Hardware

In terms of hardware, the new Amazon Kindle features some mild design changes in that the colour of the device has been changed to a classy black from the grey finish as compared to previous models. The keyboard has been also removed from the device, and instead it features an onscreen keyboard built right into the device which can be accessed through the Keyboard button below the screen. As with the previous versions, Wi-Fi is built into the device for internet accessibility.


In many ways, the software on the new Kindle 4 is pretty much the same as the Amazon Kindle 3 but there are a few key differences. The fonts have been refined to some extent on the newer model, the text is just a little bit bolder and the speed of page turns on e-books is also noticeably faster. The font contrast and colour is also a little bit darker on the newer model.


As far as e-reading goes, all the basic accessibility buttons are located right below the screen on the new Kindle, similar to the older model. Do note that the simple Amazon Kindle does not feature a touch screen, hence the presence of the user buttons. Also, it does not have the lighted screen like the Kindle Paperwhite.

The page turning buttons are located on the side of the device – one on the top and the other one on the bottom. All interaction between the user and the Kindle goes on with the navigation wheel present right in the middle of the buttons underneath the screen. This gives different options for searching data through the e-book you are reading as well as access to the dictionary and a number of other features.

The Keyboard button is present right next to the Navigation button. The Home button is also there with the menu button, and it brings up all of your options such as changing your font size, among many others.

Furthermore, the new Amazon Kindle has the capacity to holds over 1,000 books, as stated by Amazon. This means that you can practically take your library with you wherever you go. Battery life is also great, with an approximate average of up to 4 weeks, as estimated by Amazon.

The ad-supported version of the Kindle is available for $69.00 whereas the ad-free version retails for $89.00 on Amazon.


The new Amazon Kindle 4 is ‘small, light, and perfect for reading’. With the built-in Wi-Fi, you can access the internet, including the Amazon Store, which hosts a massive book selection with over 180,000 Kindle-exclusive titles that you may not find anywhere else. With a tremendous battery life, the new Amazon Kindle is the perfect reading companion to accompany you wherever you go for some private and quite reading time. Definitely a treat for book lovers around the globe.

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