Amazon Pakistan – Ways to Shop at from Pakistan

Pakistan does not have a local Amazon store dedicated for Pakistani consumers (Amazon Pakistan). And funnily, shipping to Pakistan is not available in Amazon Global Program (a program operated to deal with countries Shopping International).

However, as there is always a way-out of every challenge, you can actually shop from Amazon legally and this article is devoted to show you how.

Advantages of Shopping from Amazon

Before going into details I’ll like to first show the prime advantage of shopping from Amazon: one of the major advantage of visiting Amazon for shopping is that it provides a tremendously huge range of goods that you can view online. Shopping on Amazon is very secured in terms of transaction, you don’t have to worry about your precious credit card details.

The Payments Methods

I know you might be worried of the methods for paying for your items. And as of present, consumers based in Pakistan can make use of the following payment methods in order to pay for purchased goods at Amazon.

  1. American Express,
  2. Diners Club (US billing address only),
  3. Discover,
  4. JCB,
  5. MasterCard,
  6. Eurocard,
  7. Visa,
  8. Visa Check Cards,
  9. Payment from your checking account,
  10. Gift Cards,
  11. Gift Card Claim Codes,
  12. Amazon Payments Stored Balance, and
  13. The Amazon Store Card.

Shopping for Items Not Available For International Delivery

Now, this part is a frustrating area for many individuals when they finally find a needed item but its not available for international shipment. As there is always solution to every problem, you can address this problem with Freight Forwarder.

 What Freight Forwarders do for you? They are service companies that provide you a (virtual) USA shipping address. Their service and this address can then be used to order for goods online.

Before going to deep, I must tell you that I myself have employed their service in the past and the only one I appreciate, love their service and respect for their excellent service is Freight Forwarders services is a legal means to ship items to Pakistan without breaking any law or something and below is their fundamentals:


Going to the link shipito you first have to create an account of course, there are numerous plans available but you’ll have to choose the one that suits your purpose. After this you will be provide the virtual address.

Now, the most important thing is to make use of the virtual address while shopping. And what shipito will do is to then contact you as soon as your items arrive (they know because they monitor the address). All you have to do here is to request for the shipping of the item by them, and it can arrive within 3 days depending on your account type. Though there is an affordable fee attached to all their service, but you be amazed as to how their service can help you.

Warranty Issues

While placing your order, make sure that your item has a Warranty that is valid. Some warranties may be honored by a few manufacturers while some may not be considered valid. Also, be sure to check any rules and regulations that apply from your customs duties.


One of the most trusted online stores over the world-wide web is So whether it be Amazon Pakistan shopping or any other region for that matter – you don’t have to fear getting scammed online and losing your precious credit card details.

I hope you find the guide helpful. If you have any experience about Amazon shopping, please share it through the comment section. Also, if you know this info will be of value to your friends, please share the article (sharing is an act of love).

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    Waqas April 3, 2014 at 6:06 am

    is there customs involved?
    I usually buy computer accessories such as HDD or RAM etc. and then wait for them to be shipped through someone coming to Pakistan
    With this service, how does it work?

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    aneela August 29, 2014 at 8:09 pm

    i want rose hip oil and copper serum i m from pakistan

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