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As it is a true statement that the sky is above, so it is that is the world largest online store. Amazon has the reputation of operating several local stores in different countries ( – for example). But, there is presently no Amazon Vietnam (dedicated store for Amazon) nor do Amazon ship to Vietnam internationally.

Nevertheless, as there is always a way-out of every challenge, you can actually shop from Amazon legally and this article is devoted to show you how.

Ways to shop for items at Amazon from Vietnam (Your Amazon Vietnam):

The Advantage of Shopping from Amazon

The Payment methods

Importing Items from Amazon Using the Freight Forwarder

Warranty Issues

Advantages of Shopping from Amazon

Before going into details I’ll like to first show the prime advantage of shopping from Amazon. The major advantage of visiting Amazon for shopping is that it provides a tremendously huge range of goods that you can view online. Being the largest online store, you have a large inventory of items that you can browse through – all within the comfort of your own home.

The Payments Methods

Because Amazon doesn’t ship to Vietnam Internationally, I know you might be worried of the methods for paying for your items. And as of present, consumers based in Vietnam can make use of the following payment methods in order to pay for purchased goods at Amazon.

  1. American Express,
  2. Diners Club (US billing address only),
  3. Discover,
  4. JCB,
  5. MasterCard,
  6. Eurocard,
  7. Visa,
  8. Visa Check Cards,
  9. Payment from your checking account,
  10. Gift Cards,
  11. Gift Card Claim Codes,
  12. Amazon Payments Stored Balance, and
  13. The Amazon Store Card.

Importing Items from Amazon Using the Freight Forwarder Service

Now that you know the advantages and the payment method let us move on to, how do you go about shopping from Amazon from Vietnam? One of the most frustrating things that could happen to you when it comes to shopping online is when an online store does not have international shipping policy or the item you wish to buy at Amazon is not available for international delivery. And in this case the Amazon Global Program does not favor shipping items to Vietnam. One of best solutions to address this problem is to use the services of a Freight Forwarder.

 What Freight Forwarders can do for you?

Basically, freight forwarders are service companies that provide virtual USA shipping address to people shopping online and are not based in USA. They provide the address that can be used when ordering at an online store, and when order is shipped to this address, the company will then forward the item to your actual address.

Which is the Best Freight Forwarder Company?

A couple of freight forwarders have I personally used in the past but in my experience, has proved to me to be the most reliable among them. Not only does it provide reliable service, it offer inexpensive fees. It charges a minimum fee of only $8.50 per shipment.

How Shipito operates

First you have to open an account with Shipito. They will provide a distinctive USA street address as soon as the account is confirmed and set up and once you receive the address, you can start shopping online. Using the USA address as your shipping address is the most important while using this method?

You will have to request for the forwarding of your items from the freight forwarders to your real address, after the company as notified you of your item arrival. Your orders can be delivered to your doorstep within 3 days depending on the clearance process and shipping method you prefer.

What Next

After creating an account with shipito then you can go on Amazon (and even other stores) search for items you need and purchase using the virtual address provided by shipito as your shipping address and after shipito receive your item they then forward the items to your provided address at Vietnam.

Warranty Issues

Looking for the warranty of items/products? While placing your order, make sure that your item has a Warranty that is valid. Some warranties may be honored by a few manufacturers while some may not be considered valid. Also, be sure to check any rules and regulations that apply from your customs duties.


One of the most trusted online stores over the world-wide web is So whether it be Amazon Vietnam shopping or any other region for that matter – you don’t have to fear getting scammed online and losing your precious credit card (payment method) details.

I hope you find the guide helpful. If you have any experience about Amazon shopping, please share it through the comment section. Also, if you know this info will be of value to your friends, please share the article (sharing is an act of love).

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