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The reputation of speaks for itself. That why we have potential buyers in different countries of the world. This content is packaged for people based in North/South Korea on How to buy at Amazon. Below is how:

Shopping constrained Items Using the Freight Forwarders

What does Freight forwarders got to do with shopping on Amazon? There are some product that not available to be shipped through the Amazon Global (international delivery), because of this challenge, Freight Forwarders provide you a virtual USA shipping address which you can use to order items from online stores. They monitor the address and forward the items to your own address as soon as your items arrive.

Just as we have many online stores so do we have different freight forwarders. And just as Amazon as a reputation for being one of the largest online store, so do I recommend because it has proved to me to be the most reliable among them. Not only does it provide reliable service, it offer reasonably priced fees.

How to go about it

First you have to open an account with Shipito. They will provide a distinctive USA street address as soon as the account is confirmed and set up and once you receive the address, you can start shopping online. Using the USA address as your shipping address is the most important while using this method?

You will have to request for the forwarding of your items from the freight forwarders to your real address, after the company as notified you of your item arrival. Your orders can be delivered to your doorstep within 3 days depending on the clearance process and shipping method you prefer.

What Next

After creating an account with shipito then you can go on Amazon (and even other stores) search for items you need and purchase using the virtual address provided by shipito as your shipping address and after shipito receive your item they then forward the items to your provided items at Vietnam.

Koreans Shopping Through The Amazon Global Program

Amazon Global Program” is the program operates to provide stand-out service, duty and tax estimation… for international countries that want their purchased item to be delivered to their country. In its online store Amazon has dedicated a different page where all the items that are available for international shipping and delivery are listed.

From the link to the Amazon Global page, you will be directed to that page dedicated for international shipping. The search box filter on the page is automatically set at “International Shipping.”

In your process of ransacking for the items you want to order, several filters on the left column of the webpage will always appear. You can then tick on the check box next to “Amazon Global Eligible” to sort all products available for international delivery.

After landing on the page and searching for items, you have to confirm if the item can be ship to Korea. And you can confirm this by checking the product details for the phrase “This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.

Amazon Import fee deposit

This is an estimated Customs fee for international delivery of items to Korea. You have to be sure that the Import fee is what you can afford before finalizing your order. The Import Fee Deposit fee is your responsibility as the importer and you are averagely charged based on the customs of Korea.

The Shipping Rates And Times

The cost varies by item, shipment and shipping option. Your cost is calculated by adding the “Per shipment” cost and the “Per Item”. In the case of item listed as terms of price per pound, check the weight on the item’s detail page to get the cost of  “Per item” cost.

The following are the current shipping speed and rates charged by Amazon for deliveries to Korea:

Standard Shipping: The basic shipping method and the cheapest. Using this method, you can expect your items to be shipped to Korea within 9-12 days. Though, standard shipping is only accessible to limited categories of products.

Product Category

Per Shipment

Per Item

Books, VHS videotapes $4.99 $4.99*
CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, Music Cassettes, Vinyl $4.99 $3.99*
**Jewelry, Watches, Clothing Items $4.99 $4.99
**Automotive, Computers, Electronics, Personal Care, Kitchen, Outdoor Living, Sports, Tools $4.99 $3.49/lb
Shoes $4.99 $2.99/lb
Baby, Home, Luggage, Toys $5.99 $3.49/lb
Any combination of the above items $4.99 As above


Expedited shipping: The second and the most popular shipping option because of its affordable rate and for a fair transit time. The approximated shipping time to Korea is 5-10 days.

Product Category

Per Shipment

Per Item

Books, VHS videotapes $13.99 $5.99*
CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, Music Cassettes, Vinyl $13.99 $3.99*
**Jewelry, Watches, Clothing Items $13.99 $4.99
Shoes $13.99 $4.49/lb
Kindle or Kindle Accessories $8.99 $2.99
**Automotive, Baby, Computers, Electronics, Home, Personal Care, Kitchen, Outdoor Living, Sports, Tools, Toys $13.99 $3.49/lb
Luggage $17.99 $3.99/lb
Any combination of the above items $13.99 As above


Priority Expedited shipping: The third method. Transit time for this option is 3-5 days. This is the best option for those who are ready to spend more for delivery in order to receive their purchased items faster.

Product Category

Per Shipment

Per Item

Apparel, Jewelry, Watches, Shoes $13.99 $4.99
Beauty, Books, Loose Stones, Software, $14.99 $4.99
Luggage $13.99 $0.99/lb
Cassettes, DVDs, Blu-ray, Music CDs, Vinyl $9.99 $3.99
Video Games & Accessories $8.99 $1.99
Video Game Consoles $13.49 $4.99
Toys, Sports $18.99 $1.99/lb
Kindle $16.99 $3.99
Automotive, Cell Phones & Accessories, Furniture, Grocery, Home & Garden, Industrial & Scientific, Kitchen & House wares, Pet Supplies, Tools & Hardware $17.99 $1.99/lb
Office Products, Electronics $16.99 $1.99/lb Gift Cards $0.00 $0.00
Any combination of the above items Highest applicable per-shipment charge As above


Advantages of Shopping From

The most important advantage of visiting Amazon Global for shopping is that it provides a tremendously huge variety of goods that you can view online. is one of the most trusted online stores over the world-wide web. So whether it be Amazon Korea shopping or any other region for that matter – you don’t have to fear getting scammed online and losing your precious credit card details

There you have it. Your personal Amazon Korea. Please don’t hesitate to share your own thoughts and to include helpful information in the comment. Please share with friends.

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