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With growing trends in online shopping and purchasing goods from overseas, freight forwarding has also become an increasing phenomenon and is a fairly common notion these days. While initially freight forwarding was done for large sized goods that were to be shipped either by cargo ships by sea or by airplanes, these two modes of transfer still remain the most preferred methods by both importers as well as exporters for freight forwarding purposes.

For those of you who are still new to the concept, freight forwarding parties take charge of all your troubles in carrying your purchased goods to the required address in exchange of a fee. If your cargo of commodities needs to be moved from one country to another, a freight forwarder will serve you to identify the optimal routes as well as the modes of transport to effectively transfer your goods.

Online consumers in Singapore are also looking towards this notion especially since access to a global international market over the internet means a larger quantity of goods that are shipped into the country from overseas.

It should also be noted that almost all freight forwarder companies try to work effectively and offer good service to all their clients, but only a few handful local companies fulfill international standards required for the process. A good freight forwarding service provider will manage all technical work related to the transportation of your goods like customs clearance for you.

Many firms in the region specialize in rendering freight forwarding services and this has established them among the top freight forwarders in Singapore. Some major companies are listed below.

Meng Cheng Logistics

Meng Cheng Logistics was established since the year 1970. Formerly known as Meng Cheng Transport, we have more than 30 years of experience in this industry. The company particularly specializes in logistics, transportation, freight forwarding, warehousing, trucking as well as carrying out documention that includes port clearance and also issuance of freight forwarding permits.



Ivy Warehousing & Transportation Pte Ltd

Ivy Warehousing & Transportation Pte Ltd has more than 15 years of experience in the warehousing & logistics industries. It is a one stop Logistics Partner, officially incorporated in 1996. The head offices of the company are located in mainland Singapore and it provides basic freight forwarding services in addition to transportation, warehousing / storage, international / household relocation, commercial relocation, container & conventional trucking, custom clearance & documentation as well as labour supply for stuffing / unstuffing purposes.



VimBox Movers


The VimBox Moving Service was established in 2001 and aims to provide a professional portfolio of domestic and commercial moving services that are reliable, prompt, cost-effective and responsive to the requirements of each corporate or individual. The company head office is located in Choa Chu Kang Street, Singapore and provides various services including moving services such as residential, commercial, events and exhibition moving services, apart from storage of goods and furniture and a number of value added services. Other than the core services, the company also provides truck rentals, IT infrastructure relocation and disposal service among many others.

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