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Too bad, Austria does not have a local store dedicated for Austrian consumers. However, the absence of Amazon Austria should not stop you from buying from this great store, because actually ships internationally and this content is devoted to show you how.

Below is how you Shop items at Amazon from Austria:

Amazon Global Program

“Amazon Global Program” is the program operates on your behalf to provide you: unique service and customs clearance, duty and tax estimation during checkout. With this program, is fit to take orders from international consumers/customers and ship these in most countries outside the U.S. including Austria. Amazon has dedicated a separate page in its online store where all the items that are available for international shipping and delivery are listed.

Search and Buy Through the Amazon Global Program

You will be directed to a page where the search box filter is automatically set at “International Shipping” through the link to the Amazon Global page.

While searching for items, several filters on the left column of the webpage will always appear. You can then tick on the check box next to “Amazon Global Eligible” to sort all products available for international delivery.

This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.” is an important statement to check on the “Product Details, to be sure if the item can be shipped out to Austria.

About The Delivery/Shipping Rates And Times

When shipping your items to Austria, the delivery rate and speed is an important factor to consider, simply because your orders will arrive based on the shipping level and speed you choose. The cost to ship items from individual product section to Austria varies by item, shipment and shipping option. By adding the “Per shipment” cost and the “Per Item” cost is your cost calculated. In the case of item listed as terms of price per pound, check the weight on the item’s detail page to get the cost of  “Per item” cost.

Below are the current shipping speed and rates charged by Amazon for deliveries to Austria:

Standard Shipping: The basic shipping method and the cheapest among three shipping options. Using this method, you can expect your items to be shipped to Austria within 13-26 days. Though, standard shipping is only accessible to limited categories of products.


Product Category

Per Shipment

Per Item

Books, VHS videotapes $3.99 $3.99*
CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, Music Cassettes, Vinyl $3.99 $2.49*
Any combination of the above items $3.99 As above


Expedited shipping: The second and the most popular shipping option because of its affordable rate and for a fair transit time. The approximated shipping time to Austria is 9-16 days.

Product Category

Per Shipment

Per Item

Books, VHS videotapes $9.99 $5.49*
CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, Music Cassettes, Vinyl $9.99 $2.99*
Jewelry, Watches, Clothing Items $12.99 $4.49
Shoes $14.99 $4.49/lb
Automotive $12.99 $2.49/lb
Toys, Pets $12.99 $4.49/lb
Electronics, Home, Computers $12.99 $3.49/lb
Personal Care, Sports $12.99 $3.99/lb
Kitchen $12.99 $2.99/lb
Baby $12.99 $3.99/lb
Luggage $14.99 $5.99/lb
Any combination of the above items $12.99 As above


Priority Courier shipping: The transit time for this option is 2-4 days. This is the best option for those who are ready to spend more for delivery in order to receive their purchased items faster.

Product Category

Per Shipment

Per Item

Books $21.99 $8.99
Software, Video Games, CDs, Music Cassettes, Vinyl, Blu-ray, and DVD $21.99 $2.99
VHS videotapes, Jewelry, Watches, Clothing Items $29.99 $5.99*
Shoes $29.99 $4.49/lb
Computers, Electronics $29.99 $2.99/lb
Luggage $29.99 $4.99/lb
Automotive, Baby, Home, Personal Care, Kitchen, Outdoor Living, Sports, Tools, Toys $29.99 $5.99/lb
Kindle or Kindle Accessories $14.99 $5.99
Any combination of the above items Highest Applicable per-shipment charge As above


About The Import fee deposit

Another important step when shopping on from Austria is the “Import Fee Deposit”. Amazon has an estimated Import Fee Deposit applied to orders sent to eligible countries thru Priority International Shipping (via Expedited or Standard International Shipping).

Amazon states clearly that “This fee is the responsibility of the importer and is charged based on the customs law of Austria, though the Customs may not collect the accurate fees. If the actual Import Fees are less than the Import Fees Deposit collected by Amazon, they will automatically issue a refund of the excess and if the fees are more than the estimated amount, Amazon always charges the deficiency”.

Importing Items Not Available For International Delivery

It is possible to find a very valuable product on Amazon, but the item is not available to be shipped internationally. You can address this problem with Freight Forwarder.

 What Freight Forwarding do

Freight forwarders are basically service companies that provide virtual USA shipping address to people shopping online and are not based in USA. They provide the address that can be used when ordering at an online store, and when order is shipped to this address, the company will then forward the item to your actual address.

Which Best Freight Forwarder Company do I recommend?

Of all the freight forwarders have I personally used in the past but in my experience, has proved to me to be the most reliable among them. It does not only provide reliable service, it offer inexpensive fees and they charge a minimum fee of $8.50 only per shipment.

How the process works

Freight forwarding services operate this way:

You create an account with a freight forwarding company (recommended: Shipito). In the case of Shipito, numerous plans from a per shipment basis account to a premium monthly plan account.

Shipito will provide a distinctive USA street address as soon as the account is confirmed and set up (the address will be specified during registration). Once you receive the address, you can start shopping online. Using the USA address as your shipping address is the most important while using this method?

After your order as being processed, the online store will now deliver it to your virtual address that being monitored by Shipito. You will be notified by the company as soon as the items arrive and you will be asked to initiate the shipping of the same from the USA address to your real address. The company will show you several shipping options to Austria during this process. The forwarding fees and the postage will be calculated. After the payment of these fees the item will be delivered to you.

You item may be delivered next to your doorsteps within as little as 3 days depending on the shipping option you choose and the clearance process in customs.

Advantages of Shopping from Amazon

The major advantage of visiting Amazon Global for Amazon Austria shopping is that it provides a tremendously huge range of goods that you can view online. Being the largest online store, you have a large inventory of items that you can browse through – all within the comfort of your own home. is one of the most trusted online stores over the world-wide web. So whether it be Amazon Austria shopping or any other region for that matter – you don’t have to fear getting scammed online and losing your precious credit card details.

I hope you find the guide helpful. If you have any experience about Amazon shopping, please share it to us through the comment section. Also, if you think this information will be of help to your friends, please share the article.

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