Shopping at Amazon UK From India is one of the leading online retail stores over the world-wide web. The website is dedicated for UK consumers by retailing giant Amazon, and serves not only the local online consumer base, but also countless other customers in various localities abroad. India is one such example of a region with booming online retailing potential, and might just be the destination for you if being an Indian consumer, you are looking to visit an online store with an immense inventory and numerous discount benefits.

Advantages Of Purchasing From Amazon UK

As stated earlier, Amazon UK has a much larger inventory of retail items that you would normally find in traditional local high-street retail stores or outlets in India. This is due to its presence in the center of the European Union – which makes it even more advantageous for consumer business purposes.

Secondly, prices of goods sold at Amazon UK are highly competitive. Since there is plenty of market competition from other rivals, Amazon operates by removing the middle-man from the transaction process between the buyer and the seller. This leads to reduced costs. Furthermore, discount offers, bargains, gift coupons and several other types of deals are frequently offered at the store, making it a favourite destination among online shoppers.

International Delivery And Restrictions

Books, Music, DVD and Video items can be shipped to most countries around the world, including India, without much problem. For the shipment of other types of goods, you may need to avail the Amazon Global Programme Delivery Service.

For further details on Delivery Restrictions from Amazon UK, click here.



Shipping Rates And Times

Overseas shipping from Amazon UK to other countries, including India can be done in three different ways of shipping. These include Standard Shipping, which is the slowest but cheapest, followed by the Amazon Global Standard Shipping, and finally Amazon Global Priority Shipping, which is the fastest mode of shipment, but also the costliest.

The figure below shows the duration for each method of shipping.


In order to determine the cost of your shipped goods, you can click on the ‘Click here to work out your delivery cost’ link provided at the end of each shipping option in the table. This should give you a better estimate of what your final cost may be.

Do note that the rate of shipment depends on several factors such as the weight and size of the object, its dimensions, the value of the object, and whether you want to get it shipped separately or in an Amazon shipment bundle. Generally, larger and heavier objects cost much more than lighter and smaller-sized goods.

You may also need to pay some additional fee to clear up Customs Duties, as set by the Customs Office in India. For further details on this, visit the Amazon UK page here.




Amazon UK is a great place for serious online customers based in India who want to diversify their shopping experience rather than just sticking to the goods available in the local market. You may notice that some books, DVDs or movies may not be easily available in your country, and this is where Amazon UK takes the lead.

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