Amazon Sverige : 2018 Swedes’ Guide to Amazon Sweden

Amazon has several stores in different countries worldwide. But at the moment, there is no Amazon Sweden Store or an Amazon Sverige.

The information provided below is dedicated to show you how to shop at Amazon USA or Amazon UK even if you are living in Sweden.

Here are the ways you can buy items at Amazon from Sweden:

The Amazon Global Program is Amazon Sverige

Amazon Sverige

Amazon USA and Amazon UK runs an international campaign called the “Amazon Global Program”. The program is for non-US and non-UK residents for them to be able to shop at these famous online stores.

The program includes direct international delivery with customs duties estimation and clearance. Hence, through this program, you can ship your orders even to Sweden.

There is a separate page at dedicated for this program. In this page, all items that are available for international shipping and delivery are sorted out for your convenience. In short, you are as if browsing through Amazon Sverige or Amazon Sweden.

Shopping Through the Amazon Global Program

Amazon Sweden
  1. On the Amazon Global page, the search box filter is automatically set at “International Shipping.” Therefore, everything listed on that page, without you altering the filters, are most likely available for global shipping.
  2. In the alternative, you can tick on the check box next to “Amazon Global Store” on the left sidebar of the page to sort all products available for international delivery.
  3. If you happen to visit a particular product page, the Check Out box will also show “This item ships to Sweden“.

The Delivery/Shipping Rates And Times

Based on how fast you need the items delivered, the delivery rate and speed is an important factor to think about before choosing a shipping method.   The cost to ship items from Amazon to Sweden varies by item, weight and shipping option.

To get your cost calculated you add the “Per shipment” cost and the “Per Item” together. In the case of item listed as terms of price per pound, check the weight on the item’s detail page to get the cost of  “Per item” cost. Below are the current shipping speed and rates that Amazon charges for deliveries to Sweden:

Amazon Sweden : Standard Shipping Rates 2018

This is the most practical and affordable shipping method among three shipping options. Using this method, you can expect your items to be shipped to Sweden within 13-26 days. However, Standard Shipping is only accessible to limited categories of products.

Product CategoryPer ShipmentPer Item
DVDs, and Blu-ray$3.99$2.49*
Any combination of the above items $3.99As above

Amazon Sverige: Expedited Shipping Rates [2018]

Perhaps, the most popular method among the three is Expedited Shipping because of its affordable rate and its reasonable transit time. The estimated shipping time to Sweden is 9-16 days.

Product CategoryPer ShipmentPer Item
Blu-ray and DVDs$4.99$2.99
Jewelry, Watches, Shoes, and Clothing Items$4.99$1.99/lb
Electronics, Software, and Computer$4.99$1.99/lb
Automotive, Luggage, Baby items, Home items, Sports, Tools, and Toys$4.99$1.99/lb
Consolidated order of any of the above items$4.99as above

Amazon SE: Priority Shipping Cost [2018]

  The transit time for Priority Shipping option is 2-3 days. This is the most ideal option for those who are willing to spend extra bucks for delivery in order to get their purchased items faster.   For all product categories, Amazon charges $25.99 per shipment rate, with the exception of Kindle and Kindle accessories, for which you will only be charged $14.99 per shipment.   In addition, you will also be charged per item rate starting at $2.99 for DVDs, Blu-ray and Software. For Books, the rate is $5.49. For Kindle, you will add $5.99. And for the rest, spare $4.99 per pound.

The Import fee deposit on Amazon

As this method is not really Amazon Sverige based in Sweden, another factor to consider is the importation costs and duties.

Amazon has an estimated Import Fee Deposit and you pay this when placing your order. This is applied to all orders sent internationally.

This fee is your responsibility and is charged based on the customs law of Sweden.

It is not impossible, however, that Amazon will collect more than what Sweden’s customs will charge. If the Import Fee Deposit is more than what Sweden charged, Amazon will automatically issue a refund of the excess and if the fees are more than the estimated amount, Amazon will charge you of the deficiency.

Importing Items Not Available For International Delivery

There are some items that is not available to be shipped internationally. You can address this problem by availing of the services of a Freight Forwarder.

 Use Freight Forwarding Service

Service companies that provide virtual USA shipping address to people shopping online and are not based in USA are Freight forwarders Service Company. It is like having a limitless Amazon Sweden or Amazon Sverige.

When order is shipped to this address, the company will then forward the item to your actual address.

My Best Ever Freight Forwarder Companies

In my experience of using the freight forwarders, has proved to me to be the most reliable among them.

Not only does it provide reliable service, it offer inexpensive fees.

It’s free to sign up and it charges a minimum fee of only $2.00 per shipment.

How Shipito Works

Shipito Freight forwarding services operate this way:

You create an account with Shipito. The latter has a number of plans you can choose from. It could be on a per shipment basis or a premium monthly plan account.

After registering and once your account has been confirmed, it will provide you a unique USA street address.

The address will look like this: Your name (address will be specified during registration)Suite # (box number)Torrance, CA 90503.

Once you receive the address, you can start shopping online and use the USA address as your shipping address.

As soon as your order is processed, the online store will now deliver it to said address that Shipito constantly monitors.

Shipito will then notify you as soon as the items arrive and you will be asked to initiate the shipping of the same from the USA address to your real address.

Shipito will show you several shipping options to Sweden during this process. The forwarding fees as well as the discounted postage will be calculated.

After the payment of these fees, the item will be delivered to you. Your item may be delivered next to your doorsteps within as little as 3 days depending on the shipping option you choose and the clearance process in customs.

In Conclusion

To a Swede who wishes to order some items from Amazon, the largest online store in the world, the information above could be beneficial. The Amazon Global Program and Shipito are a great partners for this.

The cheaper prices, not only as compared to local retailers but also to other online stores, make Amazon a great online shopping option. Amazon Sweden may not be there yet, but Amazon Global Store is fine for the meantime.

If you want to try Amazon Global, here is the link. Enjoy Shopping!

There you have it. I hope you find the information above useful. If you have any experience about Amazon shopping, please share it to us through the comment section. And, please share the article, if you think these guide will be of help to your friends.

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