Amazon Egypt: Ultimate Guide to Amazon Shopping from Egypt [Updated]

You failed to find Amazon Egypt or in Google Search right?

Egypt is one of the more developed African countries where e-commerce is gradually booming. Yet, it does not have an Amazon Egypt.

BUT why is Amazon the 43rd most viewed website in Egypt? So is it possible that Amazon ships to Egypt? Yes.

Did you know that Amazon, one of the world’s most popular online stores, actually ship to Egypt? However, we also have to understand that some items are not available to be shipped globally. For this reason, we compiled the following tips and information to show you two of the possible ways.

2 Ways to Shop at Amazon
One is shopping through Amazon Global Program, while the other is using the Freight Forwarders service for items not available to be shipped internationally.

Now lets go deeper.

The link to Amazon Egypt Shopping

Amazon has dedicated a separate page in its online store where all the items which are available for global delivery. This page is referred to as “Amazon Global Program”.  Through this, Amazon is able to take orders from non-US based customers, deliver these orders directly to eligible countries, and process customs clearance. One of the countries where Amazon can ship its items is Egypt, among other African nations.

Amazon Egypt Shopping

Amazon Global lists over 10,000,000 products that Egyptians can select and ship to Egypt. This includes books, kindle, electronics, laptop, auto and hardware parts and accessories, clothings for men, women and kids, shoes, jewelry and accessories and many more.


Find What Amazon Ships to Egypt

Amazon Egypt

  1. Just follow this  link. This will take you to Amazon Global page where the search box filter is automatically set at “International Shipping”.
  2. Alternatively, while browse products at Amazon, you will observe several filters on the left column of the webpage. Locate “International Shipping”, then “Ship to Egypt” and click on the box next to it. This will sort out all products available for global shipping.
  3. Finally, you can also check the “Product Details” for the phrase: “This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.”, and if this statement is clearly stated that means you can directly order for the items.

If the item is not really available for international delivery, then you might want to use the services of a freight forwarder. This topic is covered on the second half of this article.

5 Easy Steps when Checking Out at Amazon from Egypt

Amazon Egypt

First, open an account at Amazon as you usually do with any other online store in Egypt. Supply your residential address in Egypt in the shipping address box.

Second, from the options during check out, pick your desired delivery method, which may either be Priority, Expedited or Standard Shipping.

Third, get your credit card and supply the details asked.

Fourth, check your order summary and the final costs. You can also check the currency conversion and disable it if your desire that your bank will be the one to make the conversion.

Finally, place your order and wait until it reaches you. Tracking your package is possible through your Amazon Account.

Amazon Delivery Rates And Times to Egypt

One of the basic things you have to consider when ordering from an international online store are the Shipping Rates and Transit Times. The fees you pay for delivery may considerably increase the final cost of the item you want to purchase, making the international purchase unjustified. However, Amazon has provided at least three (3) shipping methods that you can choose from. Below are the details.

If you are on a tight budget and time is not of the essence to you, then Standard Shipping is just right for you. When you elect this mode, you can expect your orders to be delivered to Egypt within 18-30 days. However, standard shipping is only accessible to limited range of products.

With an estimated transit time to Egypt of 8-16 days and a reasonable fee, Expedited Shipping is perhaps the most popular choice among international customers of Amazon.

If you are running out of time, and you wish to have your orders sent at the fastest possible time, then this shipping method is the best option for you. Just be ready for extra cost. The transit time to Egypt with this method is 2-7 days.

Amazon Import Fee Deposit

Now, a very important thing to consider while on from Egypt is the “Import Fee Deposit”. This is the estimated customs duties and taxes for importing items to Egypt. As buyer, this is your responsibility because by purchasing internationally and having your purchases delivered to Egypt, you become an importer yourself. These fees varies depending on the applicable customs law of Egypt.

According to the customs website, there is no exemption on low-value items, so expect import fee to be charged to your order. The rate depends on the category of the product and its value. For more information, visit Egypt’s customs website.

This estimated import fee is itemized during checkout. Regarding the accuracy of this deposit, you don’t really have to worry about it since Amazon issues refund if they collect more what was actually paid during clearance. You will also be charged of the deficiency, if the deposit is less than that was actually paid with your local customs.

Amazon Warranty

While placing your order, make sure that your item has an International Warranty that is valid in your region. Some warranties may be honored by a few manufacturers while some may not be considered valid. Also, be sure to check ay rules and regulations that apply from your customs duties. This finds significance if you are very particular with warranty for your electronic gadgets.

Importing Items Not Available For International Delivery

It’s really frustrating when you found a product you really need badly, but in the process of ordering the same, you just realize that the seller or store does not ship internationally.

Well then, how do you solve this problem? You can address this issue with the service of the Freight Forwarders.

Freight Forwarding Companies are service companies that gives out a virtual USA shipping address, which you can use to shop online while you are based outside of the USA. They finally ship the items to your location. So, the idea is that the online store sends your orders to this virtual USA address and the freight forwarder will be the one to accept it for you. Thereafter, the latter will undertake to deliver your orders to your actual address,

 There are many Freight Forwarding Companies in the USA. Among them, I recommend the services of, simply because they have proven to me to be the most reliable and cost efficient. It offers free membership and economical shipping fees (charging a minimum fee of only $8.50 per shipment).


How the Freight Forwarders works

Below is how works:

  1. Initially, you open an account with a There are varying plans which you can select. From a per check out basis to a premium monthly plan account. Consolidation of several packages into a single one is also available for a minimal fee. Following the opening of your account, you will then be provided with a unique USA street address. Once you receive the address, you can start shopping online using this address as your shipping address.
  2. After your order has been processed, the online shop will ship your orders to your Shipito address. Upon arrival of your order, Shipito will inform you and ask you to commence the delivery of the same item to your real address in Egypt.
  3. Depending on your chosen courier, it can take in as little as 3 days for you to receive your orders next to your doorsteps. Of course, customs processing is also a factor to be considered.



Amazon, being the most popular and the biggest online shop in the world, could be a big help to Egyptians who want to place orders of some of the products listed at The Amazon Global Program and Shipito are convenient partners in this undertaking. The cheaper prices, not only as compared to local retailers but also to other online stores, make Amazon a great online shopping option. If you want to try Amazon Global, here is the link. Enjoy Shopping!

There you have it. I hope you find the information above useful. If you have any experience about Amazon shopping, please share it to us through the comment section. And, please share the article, if you think these guide will be of help to your friends.

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