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Amazon UK ( is among the most popular online retail stores over the world-wide web and is probably the second in line of popularity for Amazon International Stores, just behind the much larger Amazon USA. While the store is particularly aimed towards online shoppers living in Great Britain and surrounding European nations, generally speaking, shoppers from all around the globe living in different countries can shop from the store. This is also true for Singapore where the number of online shoppers is quite high.

Allowed And Restricted Items

While it is easy to pinpoint the items that can be shipped internationally, you may also want to take a look at the ‘Product Details’ section of a specific product to make sure it is available for shipment in your country. Not only this, you also need to confirm with the Customs And Freight Offices in Singapore to know if that item is allowed to be imported to the region.

Books, Music, DVD and Video items can be shipped to most countries around the world, including Singapore. For other items, you may want to visit Amazon Global.



Shipping Rates And Times

Amazon UK provides international overseas shipping to a number of countries around the glove, inclusive of mainland Singapore. As such, there exist three different ways of shipping overseas internationally. These include Standard Shipping, which is the cheapest but also the slowest, followed by the Amazon Global Standard Shipping with faster shipping, but slightly costlier rates, and finally Amazon Global Priority Shipping, which is the fastest mode of shipment, but also the costliest.


You can click on the ‘Click here to work out your delivery cost’ link provided at the end of each shipping option in the table. This should give you a better estimate of what your final cost may be.

You should note that shipping rates depend on a wide number of factors which determine whether the cost of shipping the goods you have ordered will be high or low. Some of these factors include the weight and size of the object, its dimensions, the value of the object, and whether you want to get it shipped separately or in an Amazon shipment bundle. Stating an obvious fact, larger and heavier objects cost much more than lighter and smaller-sized goods.

Furthermore, it may also be mandatory for you to pay some sort of additional fees to clear up Customs Duties, as set by the Customs Office in Singapore. To learn more about this, visit the Amazon UK page here.



Amazon UK is a very good alternative to Amazon USA for interested online consumers present in Singapore, especially due to the fact that there is no local presence of the Amazon trademark – or Amazon Singapore – in the region. If you cannot find something on Amazon USA, or just want to get a flavor of the different, European market and what goods it offers for online shoppers internationally, be sure to check out Amazon UK the next time you set out to make an online purchase.

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