The Top 5 Most Popular Local Online Department Stores In Malaysia

According to a Nielsen Company study commissioned by PayPal , it was found that Malaysians spent RM 1.8 billion shopping on the Internet in 2010, and this figure is expected to almost triple in three years. Moreover, the study also found that Malaysians were spending more on local websites with transactions worth RM 825 million, as compared with foreign websites which only recorded RM 627 million in receipts. This means that the online shopping trend in Malaysia is growing steadily with newer people visiting the local online marketplace. For those very shoppers who are new in the online marketplace of Malaysia, we have compiled a list of the top 5 most popular local online department stores in Malaysia – just for you – to both ease and facilitate the web-based shopping experience. Enjoy!


With a strong Malaysia Alexa Rank of 15, Lelong is one of the most visited websites in Malaysia. Styled and functioning similar to the international auction site,, powers a robust and secure avenue for trading in Malaysia. The idea of an auction site in Malaysia has taken off with tremendous response. With a local flavour, members feel a sense of belonging and constantly keep in contact with the Lelong Development Team to give feedback for the website.

Unlike other online shopping websites, you can find practically anything on – from computer accessories to houses. This website is very popular among Malaysians for cosmetics, clothing and electronic gadgets. Most importantly, this online shopping website offers excellent tutorials to help you buy, sell, bid on an item, become a member and pay for purchases.



Lazada Malaysia

Lazada Malaysia was started by the same company that owns Zalora – another popular Malaysian online store that also has an overseas international presence. Lazada sets itself apart by being the premier online destination for electronic goods in Malaysia. Apart from electronic gadgets, Lazada is also a great website for books, cosmetics, bags and watches. Product items from almost all popular brands are available at the store. Discounts are frequently offered on products and transactions are done through extremely secure protocols and parameters.

Pasar is another very favorite retail web-store among online shoppers. Founded in 2008, Pasar has become one of the most popular online shopping sites in Malaysia. Although the default version of this website is in Chinese, you can easily switch to the English version and check out all their products. Although the website may be hard to navigate for new-comers, after using it for a while you can find products pretty easily as all their online stores are organized under three categories – general stores, intermediate shops and senior outlets.


Zalora Malaysia

Zalora Malaysia was launched around 2 years back and is a relatively new online store in Malaysia, but it has already become extremely popular with Malaysians. The Zalora network serves more than seven countries but its website for Malaysian customers is the most popular one and is becoming a household name in the country. Zalora functions as an online retailer of clothes and shoes as well as other fashion accessories for the Malaysian region. Payment methods are fast, easy and versatile at Zalora Malaysia and you can also find discounts and bargains all year round on the store.



Doorstep is Malaysia’s leading online shopping site offering office and corporate supplies without the hassle of going to the store. With a wide selection of both office and home stationary to choose from, you can be sure that Doorstep Malaysia will very well be your one-stop shop for all things stationary in the region. Definitely worth your attention if you are planning on purchasing accessories and stationary supplies for your needs. The site also offers a wide variety of consumer home electronics appliances as well as the ability to shop for pantry supplies online. This makes it a great option for online shopping in Malaysia.

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