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It is no surprising fact that the amount of Malaysian consumers shopping their goods online is steadily increasing. While some prefer to shop locally from Malaysian online retail stores, others like to visit international retail sites and get their goods shipped from overseas. In this market, Amazon USA is leading the front, followed closely behind by its own extension – Amazon UK. So where many people would be very well in the know of ‘Amazon USA’, Amazon UK is somewhat unknown, but nonetheless it is also a very good shopping alternative for Malaysian consumers.

Amazon UK was originally set up by Amazon to cater to the needs of its local online shopping populace in the UK and its adjoining areas. The web-store instantly became a hit in the rest of Europe, and began shipping its goods internationally. Amazon UK now also ships its goods to Malaysia, and that too at very competitive prices, which has provided online shoppers in Malaysia a very good alternate Amazon store to shop from.

Advantages Of Purchasing Goods From Amazon UK

To list a few advantages, Amazon UK has a much larger inventory of goods than many local online stores in Malaysia, and also prices of goods sold at Amazon UK are highly competitive. These favour discount offers, bargains, gift coupons and several other types of deals that make shopping at Amazon UK much more worthwhile than any other retail store on the web.



Allowed And Prohibited Items

Not all items features on the Amazon UK Store may be available for international delivery to Malaysia. This information will be available in the ‘Product Details’ section of the product page, and you will also be notified about this before you proceed to checkout. However, you may also want to confirm with your local customs office as to whether the import of you selected item into the country is safely allowed or not.

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Shipping Rates And Items To Malaysia From Amazon UK

Two modes of shipping are available to Malaysian customers, either of which they can choose in order to get their goods shipped internationally from Amazon UK. These are the Standard Shipping Method – which takes 7 to 10 business days but is relatively cheaper, and the AmazonGlobal Priority Shipping Methods – which takes 2 to 4 business days for delivery, but is relatively expensive.



In order to calculate and get an estimate of what the shipping rates of your selected goods to Malaysia will be, you can click on the ‘Click here to work out your delivery’ link provided at the end of each shipping method in the information table.

Note that there are many factors at play which determine the overall cost of shipping such as the size and dimensions of your item, its weight, etc. Your customs office in Malaysia also may have its own applicable taxes on any items shipped internationally from overseas.

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Amazon UK has a massive inventory of items which Malaysian online shoppers would just love to browse through. If you are looking for an alternative online store other than Amazon USA that has credibility, trustworthiness and a good reputation of its retail goods, then Amazon UK is the perfect choice.

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